5 tips to love yourself more in 2k15

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At the end of 2014 I decided that I was going to love myself more, I was going to compliment myself and change the way that I think. Instead of being self deprecating I decided to think more positive thoughts, and honestly it’s worked. It’s the 23rd of January and I feel so much more confident, I feel like I can tackle anything! It’s such an amazing feeling, I’m so happy and so much more alert and awake and that’s what I want to help people to achieve.

Which is why I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I’ve used to help me get to where I am…I still have a long way to go but right now I’m so proud and happy!

5 tips to love yourself more in 2k15!

1. “Treat yo self” – If you’ve ever seen Parks and recreation then you know what I’m talking about. Take a day to just treat your self, buy the things you want to buy, even if it isn’t important or a necessity. Eat the things you want to eat, if your new years resolution is to become healthier then take a day to just indulge! Buy a cheesecake, make some popcorn, make a huge pasta dish that you know you’ll love. Seriously taking a day to just be yourself and not put restrictions on things makes you feel so much better.

2. Relax – Go to lush, buy an awesome smelling bath bomb and just relax. Not only are you going to smell freaking amazing! But you’re going to feel amazing as well. Read a book, or go online, or play a game, do something that you know you’ll enjoy and that’ll help you relax.

3. Talk to yourself – I know this one sounds weird…but get in front of a mirror and just tell yourself that you’re an awesome perfect human being and just look at yourself. If you suffer from low self esteem or body issues then this seriously helps. just letting yourself think positive thoughts whilst looking at yourself will give yourself a huge confidence boost.

4. Dance – Put on your favourite band/artist whether it’s a heavy metal band or an indie artist, just put something that you enjoy listening to on and dance, don’t think about anything, just dance, even if it is just flailing around your room like a mad man….No one is going to see you, so why not go crazy!

5. Take pictures – Take as many selfies as it takes for you to start feeling good about yourself. taking pictures of myself helped a lot, I think just seeing my face over and over again just helped me to realise that I’m good looking, it helped me not focus on all the flaws that I thought I had and just made me focus on all the positives. So yeah take more selfies, be in more pictures.

This is my first post on here, I hope it’s a good one. I want this blog to be somewhere people can come to if they need a little bit of a confidence boost or some motivation, I want to post reviews on books and video games as well. So I’m hoping I can actually take my own advice and be more confident with my writing and be a lot more motivated. I hope this helps anyone that’s reading it and if anyone has an questions then please leave them in the comments!

Hope you all have an awesome 2015!

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