Galaxy Zero & Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I go through MANY iOS games, I’m constantly deleting and reinstalling them because I get bored of them but then forget why I got bored of them in the first place, this has been a real 1st world problem of mine lately, apart from when it comes to Galaxy Zero & Final Fantasy Record Keeper. These two games honestly haven’t offered me anything new in terms of gameplay or game mechanics, but I love them. I will literally play them every opportunity I get.


So let’s start off with Galaxy Zero. This game is a simple arcade style fighter plane game that takes repetitive scenarios but makes you want to keep playing. I have to admit I really love this genre, I have no idea why because it’s pretty dumb but this game offers the best of it. The music is really fun and light, it’s the kind of music that you’d expect of a game like this but it’s still pretty good. I have to admit though that I’ve skipped over pretty much all of the dialogue because I just want to go on a space adventure and shoot stuff, I think that the dialogue is probably one of the weakest aspects, so it’s great that you can just quickly tap the screen to get rid of it.

Final fantasy record keeper is an interesting game, I’m a big final fantasy nerd as you know from my last post about final fantasy 14. Final fantasy record keeper is an iOS game developed by ‘Square Enix’ and published by ‘DeNA’. I wasn’t expecting to like this game as much as I did. The 8 bit style of this game is the same style as some of the old old final fantasy games which is an awesome throwback for a game which is primarily a giant throwback. For someone that is really big on reading and books and stuff I again skipped the dialogue or I at least can’t particularly remember the dialogue, so again I’m gonna say that it’s one of the weakest aspects of this game, especially if it’s not something that’s memorable. The gameplay is okay, it’s nothing amazing or mind blowing but it’s definitely fun. Being able to collect different characters from the ff universe, or just randoms is pretty cool. The music in this game is pretty cool and reminds me of times when I used to play final faFinal-Fantasy-Record-Keeper3ntasy 8 and get super annoyed by constantly dying at stupid enemies (yes I was terrible at the game) But again it’s nothing new. All in all this game isn’t bad but it isn’t great either, it’s a pretty standard game but I mean if you’re like me and you love the Final Fantasy franchise then you should totally go get this free game.

If you liked what you’ve read and think the games that I’ve mentioned are for you then check out the links at the end of this post because both of these games are super free, and I mean you should definitely try them, give them your own opinion and stuff. I don’t know.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I speak to you all next time.

Galaxy zero

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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