Fallout 4 making mistakes??? | Gaming news

Wow! I’m being consistent with my Friday uploads ^_^ (I’m so proud.)

This week I talked about the game that I’ve been in love with for the past two weeks! Heroes Of The Storm (or HotS.) So heroes is a MOBA style game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. If you follow me on Twitter (@JordanMclen) then you know how bad I am at this game, but also how much I love it. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it, just because I’ve dealt with games of this genre like League of legends and a tiny bit of Dota 2. But I think Heroes is is doing enough that is different to actually warrant me playing it and enjoying it. In my video I talked a bit about the new update that is coming to Heroes and what it’s going to add. The main thing I am most excited about is the new map that is going to be added. Not only does the map look absolutely amazing, but it also has an interesting map goal. The other interesting thing being added with this update is the new Diablo 3 character ‘The Butcher’ This character looks freaking gruesome as hell (pun intended.) I’m not a big melee person but I’ll still give him a go to see how he plays compared to the other character.

Moving onto Fallout 4, there has obviously been a lot of talk about the Fallout franchise because of the announcement that Fallout 4 is going to be a thing! But with that being said it’s still kind of sad that it won’t be coming to last gen consoles. As I said in my video, I’m in two minds about this announcement. Firstly I’m kind of sad for everyone that doesn’t have a next gen console or pc good enough to play the new Fallout game, but also I’m excited to see what it actually looks like and plays like on the next gen consoles. Because they have made this game with the new ps4 & xbox one in mind then it makes me think that the graphics are going to be fantastic and maybe there will be some cool features that take the touchpad into effect??? Either way I can’t wait for E3 because I’m sure we will (hopefully) get some footage of the game and how it plays!

If you’d like to watch my video where I talk more in depth on these subjects then please do!

I hope you all have an amazing day! There are going to be some exciting things coming soon so watch this space ^_^

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