Technology Is Ruining Society….Apparently

I’ve probably seen about 3 posts on both Facebook and Twitter in the past 2 weeks about how “Technology is ruining our society and is making everyone become antisocial” and as a former media/film studies student I just wanted to give my opinion on it.

The notion that all this “New technology” is ruining our society is completely incorrect and ridiculous. Not only is it allowing us to reach more people than we could before, it’s also allowing people to talk about important issues that are happening around the world that mainstream media conglomerates wouldn’t necessarily run a story on. A huge example of this would be the Ferguson protests, a lot of people were able to put information on the internet (videos, photos, blog posts. That kind of stuff.) because of the technology that we have. They were able to film videos of the police brutality and were able to give a different perspective on what is actually happening. So instead of people just watching the news and hearing them call everyone who is protesting “thugs” and “vandals” we were able to see why they are protesting and that it is actually a pretty peaceful protest.

Making a generalised statement about how our generation is lazy or antisocial or obese because of their use of this “new technology” isn’t okay. Putting everyone from this generation into one of these categories and then praising and celebrating someone for not being the same is also not okay. You’re putting each individual person, who has different life experiences and who also deals with situations differently into the same box and you’re saying that these people should be ashamed of themselves and their generation because of what it has become. Instead, we should be praising this generation and generations to come for adapting so quickly to new technology and new forms of media. The people who survive and thrive in life are the people who can adapt to different situations and new things. So maybe instead of being scared of all the change you should be learning to adapt instead of berating people for doing something you can’t do.

Also, if your opinion fat shames an entire group of people then hey guess what, it’s a shitty opinion. Also, if you say that people should be bullied if they are fat because it’ll motivate them to lose weight then hey guess what! That’s also a shitty opinion. You’re essentially saying “Yes we should drive people to the brink of wanting to kill themselves in an effort to have them reach societies standard of beauty, also because other people’s weight makes me feel uneasy and I don’t want to look at them” Maybe you should start living your life by the “if it’s not my body then I don’t have an opinion on it” motto.

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