Mental Health 101

There’s going to be a video about this going up either later in the week or early next week, but I wanted to make a blog post as well. In the video, I talk about mental illness and mental health and how I think it’s important that it should be something that is discussed and talked about a lot more in our society.

We kind of attach this stigma to mental health by not talking about it. People either think it’s something that can be easily treated just by not thinking about it, or by getting over it. Or some people think that it’s not a real thing and that people who suffer from a mental illness are being over dramatic or just looking for attention. Which is kind of really harmful, because I wasn’t going to get help for my anxiety/depression because I just thought that people would think that I’m being dumb or they’d think I’m just looking for attention and I think that way of thinking comes from being around people who have voiced their opinion on it when we were in school. And it kind of carried over into adulthood, and there’s probably a lot of other people out there who are going through this, which sucks.

Which is why I wanted to make this a thing on my blog, where I discuss mental health for a bit and maybe educate someone, or help someone to realise that they’re not going through something alone. That there are other people going through similar things, and also I know that writing stuff down and sorting through some of the stuff that goes through my mind really helps me to feel in control? So I think/hope this will all help some people, if not then at least I’m doing something to help myself.

I figured that it’d probably be the best idea to have a post that introduces you to this segment? can I call it a segment? Instead of just bombarding you with post after post of serious stuff with no explanation. So yay intro.

If you’d like to check out my YouTube channel and the last video that I made then please do!

Hope you all have an awesome day, and I shall talk to you again next time. ^_^

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