Top 5 Anime Of All Time

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Disclaimer: No major spoilers ^_^ I promise!

Log Horizon: (Link to the show ^_^)Log-Horizon-Anime-Wallpaper

Log Horrizon is another anime set in a game world, where everyone gets trapped there and is trying to find a way out….Except that it’s so much better than other anime of this genre because it actually has meaningful storylines and there is so much depth to the characters that you actually care about what happens to them. The first season of Log Horizon is awesome, instead of actually looking for a way out of the mmo that they’ve all been transported to, they actually work with what they’ve got and set up a town and help out the “people of the land” As they call them in the anime. This show is probably one of my favourites just because it smushes together two things I love, amazing art style and video games.

Kuroko No Basuke (or Kuroko’s Basketball):

Kuroko no basuke is an anime that I probably wouldn’t normally try, jus
t for the simple fact that it’s a sports anime (Yes they exist) but surprisingly is such a good sports anime that I couldn’t stop watching. Kuroko is one of the best c965601037_origharacters that has ever been thought up, the way he interacts with kagami is so funny to me, just because they seem like two completely different people who probably wouldn’t get along if they weren’t “forced” to be on the same team as each other. If you couldn’t tell by the title this anime is about high school basketball….with a twist? There are so many comedic moments, emotional moments, and stupid moments in this anime that I honestly believe anyone can enjoy it.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club:

So I’m sure if you’re an anime fan then you’ve probably heard/seen free! if you haven’t then why not! This is another sports anime….(Maybe I am a fan of sports animaxresdefaultme) but this time it revolves around a swim team and it’s adorable and great and all of them are just such good friends and ugh!! Okay so this anime got really really emotional at the end of the first season and I wasn’t expecting it because it’s such a funny anime, I’m not saying it was as emotional
as something like Angel Beats, but it definitely made me cry….because I am trash. Anyway, If you’re a fan of sports anime or if it’s your first time watching one then definitely check this one out.

Food Wars!

I’ve talked about Food Wars on here already, it was my first anime first impresfood-wars (1)sions
, I still stand by my recommendation for it to be honest. It’s just a fun, over the top anime about a guy going to the top culinary school in japan and it’s amazing. If you want to check out what I said about this anime before then check out the link above.

Fate/Stay Night:

Now the only reason I’m recommending this anime is because it’s freaking beautiful! The art style and the animation is incredible and just some of the scenes make me so jealous because they’re amazing. That being said, I’m on the 3rd episode and I can’t really remember what’s going on, or why things fate/stay nightare happening, but I’m hoping that it becomes clearer as the anime goes on. But I definitely think you should check this one out, just for the art style. Who knows, I’ll probably love it by the time I’ve finished it.

I hope you all check out these animes because they’re some of the best that I’ve seen/watched this year. What’s some of the best anime you’ve watched? I’m always looking for more things to watch so please leave a comment.
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