About me!

Hello everyone, if you’re reading this then you must have some sort of interest in my blog. šŸ˜€ I decided to make a blog that is dedicated to helping/inspiring people to become better….people. As you can tell by the title this is going to be a sort of weird mixture of nerdy posts about anime, and video games, but also it’s gonna include advice, lifestyle choices, and anything and everything that interests me.

My name is Jordan, I’m a 20 year old guy from England who is (as you can already tell) a huge nerd/pop culture fiend. I enjoy watching anime, playing video games, and reading fantasy books because they are SO good! I’m still new to all of this and I’m constantly trying to better myself and learn new things. I post every week but I’m hoping to up that to 2-4 times a week. šŸ˜€

If you like what you’ve read then please make sure you subscribe to this blog or follow me on Bloglivin to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

You can also check out my twitter if you want to read me either 1. freaking out about tv shows, or 2. ranting about something awful that has happened. Also check out my Facebook page and YouTube channel ^_^

Business email: currentgenmclen@gmail.com

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