Cultural Appropriation & Halloween

halloween-bannerIt’s that time of year again where people dress up in scary costumes that they’ve either bought or made themselves. It’s the best time of year when all the leaves are changing on the trees and it’s starting to get colder and Starbucks has its famous pumpkin spiced latte. But for some people, this time of year can make them worried or anxious because certain people like to ruin things for others. What I’m talking about as I’m sure you can probably tell from the title is Halloween, the greatest holiday ever. (Yes, I realise this is subjective.) But some people feel the need to ruin the fun and creepiness of this holiday by either appropriating other people’s cultures or by just being plain old racists.

Let’s talk about the racists first, I honestly don’t understand why people think it’s perfectly acceptable to “dress up” as a black person or a person of colour for Halloween. I don’t understand their logic of having one day where they can put on black face and walk around as this weird stereotype of what it is to be a person of colour and not feel guilty or disgusted by themselves or their actions. Unless it can just simply be put down to them being racist all throughout the year, but then they have one opportunity, one day to transform into the assholes that they have always been…. I’m gonna go with that.

Next we have the people that think it’s acceptable to dress up as this caricature of real people and real cultures. These are the people that dress up in Native American headdresses and clothing, holding axes or a bow and arrow as a way of painting them as savages or aggressive people. The people that are dressing up like this for Halloween seem to think it’s perfectly okay and that there’s nothing wrong with taking someone else’s culture and twisting it and making it an exaggeration of what it actually is. Their culture isn’t your entertainment.

If you’re thinking about going to a Halloween party dressed up as someone from a different culture than your own, dressed in traditional or religious clothing that is personal to someone else’s culture that you have no part of. Then please pick a different costume. Because there are a million different things you could go as.

You could go as a vampire


Or a werewolf


Maybe a ghost


Or a Witch


Or you could come up with something completely original. Makeup is a magical thing, use it.

If you’re going to a Halloween party this year then please tell me what you’re going as in the comments below. Unless you’re an asshole, then please leave.

*side note* I’m going as a Witch and I’m super excited! *end side note*

Inspiration is a funny thing.

Inspiration is something I struggle with a lot. Trying to find something or someone to inspire you is difficult but also holding onto that inspiration is fucking hard.

The reason I’m making this post is because I’ve tried probably 5-6 times to record a YouTube video and just ended up turning the camera off and feeling defeated. I’ve also tried multiple times to write anything on this blog and it’s not really working out well for me. Which is super weird and annoying because I was so excited to make content.

I aspire to be creative. I want to be able to create something because I want to create it, not because someone is telling me to. I want to be able to not have restrictions on what I create and be able to say what I want to say when I want to say it. The only way I can ever see that happening is if I work fucking hard at this blog and my YouTube channel and I promote the hell out of both of them and upload consistently, but not being inspired is something that is holding me back, it’s not the only thing that’s holding me back but it’s definitely something that isn’t helping.

The other that’s holding me back is probably myself. I say that I want to do all this stuff and I want to turn something that I enjoy doing into a job. What I mean by I’m holding myself back is that instead of working hard at creating stuff, I tell myself that it’s never going to happen, that I’m never going to achieve everything that I want to achieve and that is so scary to me. it’s also something that is stopping me from going after my goals, which is dumb.

I don’t really have an ending to this post, it was kind of all over the place, but I guess I just wanted to post something on my blog no matter what it was as a way of fighting the weird mood I’m in right now.

Hope you all have a great day ❤

Top 5 Anime Of All Time

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Disclaimer: No major spoilers ^_^ I promise!

Log Horizon: (Link to the show ^_^)Log-Horizon-Anime-Wallpaper

Log Horrizon is another anime set in a game world, where everyone gets trapped there and is trying to find a way out….Except that it’s so much better than other anime of this genre because it actually has meaningful storylines and there is so much depth to the characters that you actually care about what happens to them. The first season of Log Horizon is awesome, instead of actually looking for a way out of the mmo that they’ve all been transported to, they actually work with what they’ve got and set up a town and help out the “people of the land” As they call them in the anime. This show is probably one of my favourites just because it smushes together two things I love, amazing art style and video games.

Kuroko No Basuke (or Kuroko’s Basketball):

Kuroko no basuke is an anime that I probably wouldn’t normally try, jus
t for the simple fact that it’s a sports anime (Yes they exist) but surprisingly is such a good sports anime that I couldn’t stop watching. Kuroko is one of the best c965601037_origharacters that has ever been thought up, the way he interacts with kagami is so funny to me, just because they seem like two completely different people who probably wouldn’t get along if they weren’t “forced” to be on the same team as each other. If you couldn’t tell by the title this anime is about high school basketball….with a twist? There are so many comedic moments, emotional moments, and stupid moments in this anime that I honestly believe anyone can enjoy it.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club:

So I’m sure if you’re an anime fan then you’ve probably heard/seen free! if you haven’t then why not! This is another sports anime….(Maybe I am a fan of sports animaxresdefaultme) but this time it revolves around a swim team and it’s adorable and great and all of them are just such good friends and ugh!! Okay so this anime got really really emotional at the end of the first season and I wasn’t expecting it because it’s such a funny anime, I’m not saying it was as emotional
as something like Angel Beats, but it definitely made me cry….because I am trash. Anyway, If you’re a fan of sports anime or if it’s your first time watching one then definitely check this one out.

Food Wars!

I’ve talked about Food Wars on here already, it was my first anime first impresfood-wars (1)sions
, I still stand by my recommendation for it to be honest. It’s just a fun, over the top anime about a guy going to the top culinary school in japan and it’s amazing. If you want to check out what I said about this anime before then check out the link above.

Fate/Stay Night:

Now the only reason I’m recommending this anime is because it’s freaking beautiful! The art style and the animation is incredible and just some of the scenes make me so jealous because they’re amazing. That being said, I’m on the 3rd episode and I can’t really remember what’s going on, or why things fate/stay nightare happening, but I’m hoping that it becomes clearer as the anime goes on. But I definitely think you should check this one out, just for the art style. Who knows, I’ll probably love it by the time I’ve finished it.

I hope you all check out these animes because they’re some of the best that I’ve seen/watched this year. What’s some of the best anime you’ve watched? I’m always looking for more things to watch so please leave a comment.
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Mental Health 101

There’s going to be a video about this going up either later in the week or early next week, but I wanted to make a blog post as well. In the video, I talk about mental illness and mental health and how I think it’s important that it should be something that is discussed and talked about a lot more in our society.

We kind of attach this stigma to mental health by not talking about it. People either think it’s something that can be easily treated just by not thinking about it, or by getting over it. Or some people think that it’s not a real thing and that people who suffer from a mental illness are being over dramatic or just looking for attention. Which is kind of really harmful, because I wasn’t going to get help for my anxiety/depression because I just thought that people would think that I’m being dumb or they’d think I’m just looking for attention and I think that way of thinking comes from being around people who have voiced their opinion on it when we were in school. And it kind of carried over into adulthood, and there’s probably a lot of other people out there who are going through this, which sucks.

Which is why I wanted to make this a thing on my blog, where I discuss mental health for a bit and maybe educate someone, or help someone to realise that they’re not going through something alone. That there are other people going through similar things, and also I know that writing stuff down and sorting through some of the stuff that goes through my mind really helps me to feel in control? So I think/hope this will all help some people, if not then at least I’m doing something to help myself.

I figured that it’d probably be the best idea to have a post that introduces you to this segment? can I call it a segment? Instead of just bombarding you with post after post of serious stuff with no explanation. So yay intro.

If you’d like to check out my YouTube channel and the last video that I made then please do!

Hope you all have an awesome day, and I shall talk to you again next time. ^_^

Welcome To The New And Improved Blog | Booktube

I’m back and it’s time to do some awesome work/reading/reviewing, which is basically what I’m going to be posting on this blog and also on my YouTube channel ( If you weren’t already aware, I’m a huge nerd and love all things related to books and video games and anime, so that’s what I want to talk about on here. It’s my blog so I should probably write about stuff that I love….That makes so much more sense!

So things you can expect on my blog very, very soon;

Book reviews/Anime reviews/Video Game reviews

Gaming news/book news/Anime news (ALL THE NEWS & REVIEWS)

Basically, anything related to or about videos games or books or anime you can expect to be on this blog. As I said before I’m also making YouTube videos again so I’m going to be sharing some of them with you as well. But I think for the most part the more in depth stuff is definitely going to be on here. Things like TBR’s and book hauls and monthly wrap-ups are going to go up on my YouTube channel.

I just wanted to give you all a little heads up to say that there might be some changes in the next couple of weeks. (Like the theme for this blog which I literally told no one about but oh well.) Also, you can still expect some more personal posts on here as well as some more discussions on mental health because I definitely want to talk about that some more because I think it’s important.

Here’s the short video I made explaining basically all of what I said here but in a probably more cohesive way. (With a surprise at the end for Steven Universe fans out there.)

I hope you all enjoy some of the stuff that’s gonna be posted here because I’m definitely going to enjoy writing/making it all. Hope you have an awesome dope ass day.

Technology Is Ruining Society….Apparently

I’ve probably seen about 3 posts on both Facebook and Twitter in the past 2 weeks about how “Technology is ruining our society and is making everyone become antisocial” and as a former media/film studies student I just wanted to give my opinion on it.

The notion that all this “New technology” is ruining our society is completely incorrect and ridiculous. Not only is it allowing us to reach more people than we could before, it’s also allowing people to talk about important issues that are happening around the world that mainstream media conglomerates wouldn’t necessarily run a story on. A huge example of this would be the Ferguson protests, a lot of people were able to put information on the internet (videos, photos, blog posts. That kind of stuff.) because of the technology that we have. They were able to film videos of the police brutality and were able to give a different perspective on what is actually happening. So instead of people just watching the news and hearing them call everyone who is protesting “thugs” and “vandals” we were able to see why they are protesting and that it is actually a pretty peaceful protest.

Making a generalised statement about how our generation is lazy or antisocial or obese because of their use of this “new technology” isn’t okay. Putting everyone from this generation into one of these categories and then praising and celebrating someone for not being the same is also not okay. You’re putting each individual person, who has different life experiences and who also deals with situations differently into the same box and you’re saying that these people should be ashamed of themselves and their generation because of what it has become. Instead, we should be praising this generation and generations to come for adapting so quickly to new technology and new forms of media. The people who survive and thrive in life are the people who can adapt to different situations and new things. So maybe instead of being scared of all the change you should be learning to adapt instead of berating people for doing something you can’t do.

Also, if your opinion fat shames an entire group of people then hey guess what, it’s a shitty opinion. Also, if you say that people should be bullied if they are fat because it’ll motivate them to lose weight then hey guess what! That’s also a shitty opinion. You’re essentially saying “Yes we should drive people to the brink of wanting to kill themselves in an effort to have them reach societies standard of beauty, also because other people’s weight makes me feel uneasy and I don’t want to look at them” Maybe you should start living your life by the “if it’s not my body then I don’t have an opinion on it” motto.

Friday Round Up

This week has been slightly difficult. Not the best week to start blogging again, but I’m glad I stuck to it. I’m not going to go into why this week has been bad because it’s in the past and now I’m gonna move one because it’s the best thing I can do.

I decided to make a quick blog post about all the things I’ve made this week just in case you missed them. (By the way you should definitely follow me on twitter to know when I upload a post! @jordanmclen)

Anime First impressions

My patreon

5 Things I’d tell my younger self.

All these post were amazingly fun to write, especially the last one. I can’t wait to start planning and writing for next week’s post! ^_^

I hope you all have a great day.

5 Things I’d Tell 16-Year-Old Me

I’m sure everyone has had thoughts about wanting to go back in time and yell nice/positive things at your younger self…No? Just me? Cool. I thought instead of going back in time (because that is impossible….as of now) I would make a blog post about the things that I want to tell my younger self. If anyone else has done one of these then please link it to me because I’d love to read them.

5 Things I'd Tell 16 Year Old Me

1. Stop stressing out about things that happened in the past.

It happened in the past, there’s nothing you can ever do about it (unless time travel is real in which case this blog post is pointless…..anyway.) So you might as well move on instead of freaking out about something you said, or some stupid thing you did. Also, I’m 100% certain you’re the only person that remembers the stupid things you do anyway.

2. People honestly don’t judge you as much as you think they do.

Now this one is a lot trickier because you will meet some people who are assholes and will judge you for literally everything you do and it’ll probably ruin you up until you turn 19. However, the important people in your life definitely won’t judge you for forgetting their birthdays (you should start writing down people’s birthdays, by the way, just an FYI.) Or stumbling over your words when you’re trying to speak. It’s definitely something you should work on sooner rather than later.

3. Dye your hair because it looks dope!

Seriously, do it. You will never regret it and it’s always awesome when someone compliments you because of your hair. “JUST DO IT.”

4. Stop trying to fit in.

You’re a super weird person and you just need to embrace it. It’s probably one of the best qualities you have. Trying to fit in is only going to stress you out more and you’ll end up hating who you’ve become because you’ve changed so much in such a short amount of time.

5. Get rid of friends who try to control you.

This goes for pretty much anyone, don’t listen to what other people say you should do, if you listen to yourself some more then you’ll wind up making smarter decisions. You’ll come to realise that no one can make you do something that you don’t want to do, so just learn to say No because,

“No is a full sentence.”

I really love this idea of telling your younger self something, it shows you how much you’ve changed and grown and it honestly puts things into perspective. So if you’re having a bad day, or just want to come to the realisation that you’ve grown as a person then you should do this. Make a list, however long you want and tell your younger self, something you’ve learnt.

I hope you all have an amazing day and I shall speak? Write? Talk??? To you next time.

Lets talk about a little thing called Patreon

I’m a creative person, as I’m sure a lot of you reading this are as well. It’s pretty well known that people that define themselves as being creative don’t usually make that much money, which sucks because most people deserve it. The things that they create are amazing and you can tell that they are very talented people. But because of the way the world works, creative people like you and me aren’t really respected, or given a chance.


Which is why I wanted to talk about Patreon because it’s amazing. If you’re a creator and not using it then you’re crazy. (you’re not I love you I’m sorry shhh.)

I just thought that because I’m getting back into blogging and being creative and getting my shit together, that I’d take the chance to direct your attention to my patreon, just in case you wanted to support me for doing something that I love to do, and hopefully that you love to read.

Obviously if you don’t want to support me or can’t then that’s totally fine. But if you do then I’ll be the happiest guy because I think it’ll finally hit home that I can be creative for a living and I can support myself by doing something I love. ( < it opens in a new window 😉 )

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a great day. 🙂

Food Wars! Anime First Impression

“Food Wars! centres on Yukihira Soma, a middle school student who is determined to surpass his father’s culinary skills. One day, his father decides to close down their family restaurant and hone his skills in Europe. Before leaving he enrols Soma in an elite culinary school that is extremely difficult to enter with a graduation rate of only 10 percent.”

If you’re not a fan of anime then this post probably isn’t going to be for you…However! You should 100% go check out this anime because maybe you’ll realise that it’s the best, weirdest, funniest thing you’ve ever seen and then you’ll love it forever. Because honestly I think this show would be able to do that for some people.

Anyway, on with the first impressions.

Going into the first episode of this show I wasn’t expecting a lot from it, it sounded super weird and strange and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But holy shit! It’s so good. The comedic atmosphere the show has is amazing, the jokes are well timed and executed extremely well, the visuals and style of the anime are also pretty on point.

Reading the description, it sounds like a super boring, run of the mill anime about a kid trying to impress his father by showing him he can graduate from this amazingly difficult school. But wait! Because there is so much more to this anime than just that. First of all, Yukihira’s cooking is so good that it causes people to go into an orgasmic state full of flavour and amazing-ness. (Did I mention this anime was super weird.) Like that’s literally how the first episode starts. The first episode has such an amazing introduction for a character, it shows Yukihira cooking something that looks awful (and would probably be seen on a Pinterest board somewhere.) and then asking someone to eat it after losing a cook-off to his dad, however instead of the person loving what he’s made they hate it and it shows the most disgusting visual representation of how she’s feeling and it’s amazing, also slightly creepy. But honestly I think that this show does an amazing job at showing you how the food tastes, how to makes people feel, which is great because for an anime about food I think it’d be super difficult and boring to just show a plate of delicious food and then have a character be like “すごい” (“awesome”) so I think it does a fantastic job at visually representing the characters feelings towards the food.

If I had to give this anime a rating….so far it’d be a solid 8/10. Like I laughed so much at the first episode of an anime and I usually don’t do that, I usually have to give it like 2-3 episodes before I’m actually attached to a character and laughing at their jokes, but this one just does it so well. I don’t think this anime takes itself ridiculously serious so if you’re looking for something to just chill out to maybe even cheer you up then this is the one you need to check out.

I feel like I was all over the place with this First Impression post but I’m gonna get better the more I do it! I’m still trying to find my voice, but I’m slowly getting there. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, if you have any anime or T.V shows you’d like to recommend to me for a first impressions then please leave me a comment, because I’m always looking for stuff to watch.

If you’d like to check out Food Wars then please head over to Crunchyroll.

I hope you all have an amazing day!

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